A Dame to Kill For is the second Sin City story, and the first Sin City story to have its own comic. It was written and drawn by Frank Miller. It was originally published by Dark Horse Comics between November 1993 and May 1994. It was edited by Jerry Prosser.[1]

Summary Edit

A Dame to Kill For is a prequel to The Hard Goodbye, as Marv is still alive, but about half-way through after Marv is last seen with Dwight, it is a midquel as some of the events that appear in The Hard Goodbye appear in the background of some parts.

Episode OneEdit

The first singular Sin City comic and was published November 1993 titled A Dame To Kill For Issue #1 Issues following a Q&A section called BLAM, which starts in Issue 2. Dwight McCarthy is on top of a house with a window on the roof with a camera. He is on a private investigation and is about to leave and give up but then he hears two people coming in, Joey and his mistress Sally . Dwight was sent to investigate Joey, who is having a rough marriage and that is why he has a mistress, Sally, who is an Old Town Girl.

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