Quote1 No time for explanations. We need a pickup at this location immediately! Quote2
-- Julian Lish

Appearing in "Hives"

Featured Characters:

  • Gill
  • Julian Lish
  • Stanislaw Mayakovsky

Supporting Characters:

  • Hoban


Other Characters:




  • The Dolemite
  • The Lander

Synopsis for "Hives"

Two humans and an Android are stranded on an Alien Hive planet. They're stuck out in a storm that will kill them before help can arrive, so they decide to enter the Xenomorph hive for shelter. They've got devices on their wrists that make them invisible to Xenomorphs, but they're on a timer and the clock is ticking.

Julie communicates with their drop ship, the Dolemite and requests a pick up, but it will take a little while to arrive. They decide to navigate the Hive with their invisibility devices before the timer runs out. While in the Hive, Stan decides to investigate a Xenomorph version of a garbage dump in order to get a better understanding of how Xenomorph's live. Unfortunately he falls in and damages his cloaking device. The Xenomporphs see him and a shootout ensues.

The trio narrowly escape and make it to the drop ship. The escape is so narrow in fact that Gill get his arm ripped off. They barely make it on board, but a Xenomorph manages to make it on with them. They escape to a room with a locked door, but not before Julie takes some acid to the face. Temporarily safe, and with Julie stabilized, Stan and Gill begin a conversation about ancient Greece.


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