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Vandrayk used to work for the Arkanian company Adascorp on Project Black Harvest, dedicated to the research of the spacefaring species known as the exogorths. When he heard about the possible uses of the exogorths proposed by Argaloh, the Sixth Lord Adasca, Vandrayk went into hiding in the Lower City of Taris under the alias "Camper," under Jarael's care. Eventually, his health failing after having had to leave Taris on The Last Resort forced Jarael to take him to Arkania, where he was unexpectedly reunited with Adascorp—the very company he used to run away from. During the ventures of the Last Resort, Camper was the mechanic of the team and the "fix-it guy," whose abilities were probably best demonstrated when he rebuilt the droid T1-LB from scrap and gave him the previously-nonexistent ability to speak.

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