Appearing in "The Wild Hunt, Part 2"

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  • England



Synopsis for "The Wild Hunt, Part 2"

Hellboy lies impaled in the river bank. He yells out in pain and suddenly finds himself in a room full of dead knights. In the center sits a figure with a crown on his head and a red dragon on his mantel.

Hellboy wakes up in the river surrounded by the hunters now dead. A bird tells him that he was made invisible by a flower from the bird's mistress. Hellboy travels back to the giants, throws down the flower and attacks the giants.

Gruagach is approached by Astaroth, in the guise of an old man. Astaroth asks him why he is in the form of a boar. Gruagach tells his story including the events of "The Corpse." Astaroth gives him a covered gold cup filled with the blood of an entire village. Gruagach pours the blood into the box, and a blood covered woman rises out.

Appearing in "How Koschei Became Deathless (part one of two)"

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Synopsis for "How Koschei Became Deathless (part one of two)"

The story open with an old monk sitting at a desk recording the legends of Russia.

Koshchei was a normal man of little status until he became a soldier. He was a good and fair man in battle, even towards his enemies. This bothered his corrupt captains, so one night they beat him almost to death. A dragon found Koshchei, and offered to save him in return for serving him nine years. The dragon took him back to his castle in the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom, where he worked for nine years. When the time was up, the dragon had grown fond of Koshchei and offered to teach him Magic, but Koshchei wanted to live as a man. The dragon gave him a magic shirt that protected him from all weapons.

Koshchei returned to the world and became a soldier again. As his fame spread he married the daughter of a king, but the princess resented being forced to marry a commoner. She stole his shirt had had a noble kill him while he slept.


  • The revival of the Queen of Blood is a sort of reversal of the Christian ritual of communion. Astaroth brings the blood in a Ciborium, a covered goblet traditionally used as part of communion. In Christian tradition, Jesus freely gave his blood to save humanity. Christians symbolically drink his blood as part of celebrating that salvation. Here, a Demon murders an entire town and takes their blood to revive the Queen. While Christ gave his blood to grant eternal life and peace, the Queen of Blood took the blood of others to bring death and war.


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