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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Abe Sapien and Clark are landing in the Romanian village where everyone's house is boarded up with crosses painted on the doors and windows. They enter a church where Stephen's brother is standing at the end of the church with Hellboy's signal belt in his hand, he is unresponsive and when Cark touches his shoulder, the priest's head falls off and the pair fall through the floor. Underneath the floor boards are long metal spike which Clark lands on and it pierces him through the chest. Abe falls to the ground, where Rasputin confronts him and tells him that he will be speared through the chest as well. The Priest's decapitated head and says "Abraham Sapien. Do you hear... sunken bells are tolling for thee. Out of caverns of num-yabisc, dark and terrible deep, the ocean is calling her children home."

At the crossroads, Hellboy is still chained to the thick wooden pole and is confronted by a fully re-animated Vladmir Giurescu on horseback. Hellboy cracks the wooden pole and hits the horse on the head with it, the horse and Giurescu instantly turn into skeletons. The Iron Maiden turns snake-like like Hecate and tells him that he cannot escape his destiny and eats him, his horns fully re-grow and he sees the Ogdru-Jahad before he refuses to help end the world and snaps his horns. He appears back back at the crossroads where Kate Corrigan finds him and tells him what happened to the other teams.

In Norway, Rasputin confronts Von Klempt, Kroenen and Zinco and temporarily blinds Zinco who accidentally presses a button that blows up the whole castle. In a helicopter, above Romania, Hellboy is told that there was no sign of the iron maiden. At the end of the issue, it is revealed that the skeleton of Vladmir Giurescu was in the process of being moved to BPRD HQ, but while it was temporarily placed in storage at the Bucharest airport it disappeared and has never been recovered. It is also revealed that the head of Father Nicholas Budenz never spoke again but continued to be the focus of poltergeist activities, including sudden temperature drops and the levitation of objects, for weeks.

Epilogue At the World Tree, Yggdrasil, Baba Yaga tells Rasputin that he cannot be a god and that he has failed but tells him to stay with her but he says that he go on longer and still try and make himself a god.


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