Appearing in "Part Four"

Featured Characters:

  • Thorpe

Supporting Characters:

  • Major Briggs
  • Pagano
  • Leung


Other Characters:

  • Collins




Synopsis for "Part Four"

Thorpe comes running back to the GDS base and ordering everyone to prepare to leave. Previously, Thorpe was in a very tense confrontation with a Predator until it start attacking its kin and allowing Thorpe to escape. On the way, he has a change of plan: he orders a mortar strike on the Predators' camp and destroying their jamming device, allowing the PMCs to contact their allies. But just as they regain contact, the base falls under attack by the Predators. The survivors retreat into the sickbay. During the confusion, an inebriated Major Briggs commandeered a tank and using it to strike back at the aliens.

Seeing an opportunity, Thorpe orders his soldiers to stay far away from the base as possible until help arrives while he remains to help Briggs to fight the Predators.

The next morning, GDS reinforcement arrive and are surprised to find the state of the base along with a dead Predator. Thorpe's soldiers returns and demand for medical help. When pressed on what occurred here and Thorpe's whereabouts, a soldier only bitterly replies that Thorpe is maybe dead.


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