Quote1 That Scythe is my only connection to the whole Slayer heritage thing. And it kills great. Quote2

The Scythe is an ancient weapon. Designed specifically for the act of vampire slaying, with a wooden stake on the handle, it embodies the mystical essence of the Slayer. Slayers who wield it are able to physically sense its innate power.



The Scythe was forged in secrecy by women — the Guardians — to kill the last pure demon that walked upon the earth. It was kept hidden from the Shadow Men, who later became the Watchers, who watched the Slayers. The Guardians watched the Watchers, and wanted to help and protected the Slayers. These women put the Scythe in a rock, for when the time came and it was needed again, the Slayer would find and use it wisely.

21st centuryEdit

In 2003, the Scooby Gang were researching ways to defeat the First Evil, and Spike found an inscription carved in stone, in a secret room in an abandoned mission in Gilroy, which read "It is not for thee. It is for her alone to wield." Buffy Summers found the Scythe in a Sunnydale vineyard and pulled it out of the rock. With this weapon in her hands, Buffy managed to kill Caleb — who had merged with the First Evil and was extremely powerful. Later, Willow Rosenberg, using the power of the Scythe, performed a spell that activated all Potential Slayers around the world as Slayers. Buffy and the Slayers then shared the Scythe between them to defeat the numerous Turok-Han in the depths of the Hellmouth.

23rd centuryEdit

Sometime in the 23rd century, the Scythe is given to the Slayer of that time, Melaka Fray, by her "Watcher" Urkonn. Melaka uses it to defeat dozens of vampires and an Old One led by her vampire brother Harth Fray, saving the world.

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