"For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times. Before the Empire." ―Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Star Wars: Dark Times is an ongoing comic series that is being published by Dark Horse Comics. The first issue was scheduled for release in October 2006. Similar to Star Wars: Rebellion, it is a continuation of an older series, Star Wars: Republic, and will continue the numbering of Republic on the inside. It also has the same miniseries style of Rebellion, and run in alternating arcs with it. The story begins shortly after Star Wars: Purge, and intertwines with the events of Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader. In 2008, it will be paused for six months to give precedence to the Clone Wars monthly comic.


In 2006, Dark Horse Comics relaunched its entire Star Wars line, wrapping up its popular Republic, Empire, and Tales series, and replacing them with Knights of the Old Republic, Rebellion, and Legacy. Many fans assumed that these three series would be the only three of the new Dark Horse line, until July, when Randy Stradley announced a new series at the Dark Horse message boards. "We told you we still had a few cards up our sleeves. Well, here's another. Beginning in October, Dark Times will debut. Like Rebellion, it will be a series of miniseries, leapfrogging on the schedule with with Rebellion.

The first arc of Dark Times is titled "The Path to Nowhere," and is written by Mick Harrison from a plot by Welles Hartley, illustrated by Douglas Wheatley, and colored by Ronda Pattison (who colored Doug's work on "Purge").

The story begins in the days following the events in "Purge," and intertwines itself with some of the events in Jim Luceno's novel "Dark Lord." ―Randy Stradley.


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