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It has been seven years since the massacre on Ossus and Wolf Sazen has called together a few of the remaining Jedi, Shado Vao being among them, to the planet of Daluuj to discuss the future of the Jedi and to ask for their aid in finding Cade Skywalker but before any plans are made the Jedi are attacked by Sith. In the end, only Sazen and Shado are standing and Shado agrees to help Sazen find Cade and restore the Jedi Order.

On the planet Lok, an alien named Naxy Screeger sits in a cantina called Brogar's. A pirate by the name of Rav is looking for him and Screeger is trying to buy his way into the cantina's safe house. Cade Skywalker bursts into the cantina along with his partner's Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue announcing themselves to be Bounty Hunters looking to collect the bounty on Screeger's head. A Jedi in hiding by the name of Hosk Trey'lis believes that Cade is there for him and Force throws a table at Cade and Syn. Hosk makes a run for the door and it shoot with a sleeping dart by Deliah. Hosk turns and Force pushes Deliah back but is taken down when Syn hits him with a thud-bug. Cade captures Screeger and is confronted by the Brogar for capturing someone that has paid for Brogar's protection. Cade makes a deal with Brogar that he wont tell the "Imps" that Brogar was sheltering a Jedi if Brogar allows them to take Screeger. Brogar agrees and Cade takes Hosk and Screeger back to his speeder. Hosk begs Cade not to turn him over to the Sith but Syn informs Hosk that he wont find any pity from Cade and that Syn and Cade once worked for Rav the pirate.

On Coruscant, the Jedi Temple has been rebuilt but now serves as the Temple of the Sith. Darth Krayt observes a new Sith Apprentice and orders her to kill her teacher Darth Ruyn. The Apprentice obeys without hesitation and kills Darth Ruyn. Krayt then names the Apprentice Darth Talon and makes her one of his Hands or personal assassins. Her first mission is to find the daughter of Roan Fel, Princess Marasiah, and capture her so that they can lure out Roan Fel. Darth Talon goes to the planet Socorro where she kills the Princess' personal guard and teacher, an Imperial Knight by the name of Elke Vetter, and continues to search for the Princess who is fleeing with her personal handmaiden Astraal Vao. Marasiah is able to feel Elke die in the Force and almost goes back to avenge her death but Astraal convinces her to do her duty and survive.


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Over the bodies of their enemies, two Jedi make a pact that will set them on the path to a greater danger than they have ever known…

Bounty hunters capture a prisoner whose presence will test their resolve—and the strength of their alliance…

A Sith apprentice is given the honorific "Darth" and sent to hunt a quarry whose capture—or death—could shake an empire to its foundations…

And a Princess finds herself alone in the galaxy, pursued by those she once counted as allies.

This is only the second issue of the new ongoing series Star Wars: Legacy and already there's more adventure and more intrigue than we can even hint at!

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