The Last Resort, in search for supplies, lands on the planet Vanquo, where the crew tricks the nearby miner camp into believing that the Mandalorians are landing. However, once the camp is abandoned, the Mandalorians do attack Vanquo, kidnapping Jarael, who was disguised as Jedi Master Q'Anilia. During Jarael's capture, Mandalorian Commander Rohlan Dyre tries to steal the Last Resort, but is instead captured by Zayne, Gryph and Camper. As the Mandalorians engage in a space battle with Captain Saul Karath, the detained Rohlan agrees to guide the Last Resort to Flashpoint Station, where Mandalorian scientist Demagol is experimenting on Jedi, including Squint, and where Jarael (mistaken for a Jedi) was taken. With Rohlan's help, Zayne infiltrates Flashpoint and disguises himself as scientist Demagol. Together with Gryph, disguised as a Republic admiral, he tricks the Mandalorians into believing that the Republic is attacking and that the captured Republic starships are rigged with explosives. This forces the Mandalorians to evacuate quickly, leaving the Republic vessels behind. Squint, Jarael, and the other captured Jedi head for Coruscant with Demagol in tow, as he had been captured. Rohlan, unknown to everyone, boards the Last Resort as a stowaway. Meanwhile, Lucien and the other four Tarisian Masters arrive on Coruscant, only to find the gates of the Draay Estate closed to them. They are summoned by the Jedi High Council, blamed for the disorders on Taris, and therefore separated, barely avoiding the exposure of their secret organization—the Jedi Covenant, led by Lucien's mother Krynda Draay and Haazen. The rogue Masters continue their attempts to capture Zayne. After the showdown at Flashpoint, the Last Resort arrives on the banking planet of Telerath, where Camper tries to take money from one of Gryph's accounts by posing as "Baron Hyro Margryph." Unknown to the crew, the banker assigned to them is Zayne's father, Arvan Carrick, who ends up captured by two Ithorian bounty hunters, the Moomo Brothers. These two hunters were contracted by Jedi Master Raana Tey in an attempt to use Arvan as bait. When Zayne learns about both developments, he begins an operation, aided by Gryph and Camper, to rescue his father and investigate the actual occurrence. This operation consists mainly of Gryph pitting the two Ithorians against each other and planting false information, while Zayne infiltrates the Moomo Brothers' ship and eventually results in Arvan being freed; as he is convinced that Zayne did not commit the Padawan Massacre, he assists his son in unlocking the account and withdrawing the funds. In return, Zayne directs his father to a safer workplace—the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.